Bureau Koudsi™ Services

Design, restyling and branding services

Graphic design, Logo’s, Corporate Identity

 Bureau Koudsi™ is able to help you to make your company even more clearly visible to the general public:

Design and Restyling: 

  • Logo design, that matches your company name, field of industry and create an accurate image with a clear message to your target telling your story before a single word is said.
  • Design procedure while taking into consideration the protection of the environment and also avoiding any un necessary production cost.
  • Restyling of existing designs to meet modern standards.

Brand protection:

  • Long term protection on an (inter)national level of your trade mark and logo. This is essential in a world that is becoming smaller due to the Internet. 

Branding and Brand Management:

  • Upgrading simple logo’s to brands, which are easy to understand and recognizable, so they will never be forgotten by your target market.
  • Securing your company house style in a style book to include the do and don’ts. This way consequently, your company style will be consistent for every media expression.
  • Working together to satisfyingly execute your company style.
  • Digitalizing elements of your corporate identity so you easily can implement these in your company communication plans. In short, Bureau Koudsi™ will help your company to fully professionalize its public image.

Koudsi™ Internet Services

 Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • Is my website designed by an IT-specialist?
  • Is my database developed and maintained by a graphic designer?

More than 50% of the requests for help and advice that we receive concerns solving problems caused by non-specialists. It is better not to present your company at all than to show it to the public in a very bad fashion. The Internet is an important marketing tool to buy and sell and also to present your corporate identity. 

Koudsi™ ensures that your company is presented optimally on the Internet. Also in this case, clearness is an important key. 

Domain registration:

  •  Rapid (real-time), safe and low costs for domain registration in almost all extensions.
  • Legal ownership of your domain.
  • Long term security of your domain’s name.


  • Professional business hosting services.
  • Hosting with permanent maintenance and advanced servers that are connected to the backbone of the European Internet.
  • Safe server connection with the capability of handling huge amount of data traffic.
  • Safe connection to your email and the possibility to create your own passwords and user names.
  • The possibility to start with a small account and expand this later on to a professional, broad business account.
  • Real-time expanding possibilities to quickly respond to market developments.Professionele business hosting services.


  •  Clear, functional and easy to use websites, that are simple to maintain and compatible with main web browsers, and that have many publishing possibilities.
  • Easy management of your company news and the contents of your website.
  • Rapid implementation of desired changes in the static parts of the website.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) for adding, deleting or changing products, news, pictures or other information.
  • With us your website is always up to date and you are able to respond quickly on day-to-day market changes. You do not need any expertise in programming to use CMS, and therefore, you are in full control of the contents of your website.

In short, Koudsi™ arranges everything for you concerning domain registration, hosting and web design. 

Corporate communication services:

 Koudsi™ is specialized in three forms of corporate communication: 

Internal communication, Marketing communication, and Crisis communication.

 Effectively, Koudsi Consultancy can help you with the following points:

Internal communication: 

  •  Organising professional training courses and coaching events.
  • Design and organization of internal digital presentations and meetings.
  • Design and development of a specific product or CD presentations.
  • Special intercultural West-East courses (up to maximum 7 people per course), meant for companies doing business in Gulf Commonwealth Countries in general. Bureau Koudsi™ is specialized in the Oil industry. Please visit: www.drilling4oil.com , www.oilevents.com , for more information.

 Marketing communication: 

  • Corporate networking. Research companies, products market positions.
  • Media planning: coordinating of advertisement campaigns.
  • Design and development of general or specific CD and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Design and realization of brochures, leaflets and other promotional material.
  • Representing companies at congresses and events.
  • Specialized, technical translations from and into English, Dutch, and Arabic for the Oil and Gas industry, as well as for real estate developement sector.

Crisis communication:

  •  Consultancy in making evacuations plans for populated buildings, including design and productions of signage, and evacuation maps.
  • Implementation of a company policy.
  • Design and visualization of safety measures and instructions for companies, working procedures and products.
  • Organisation of intercultural education for managers and employees with various nationalities alongside mediation.

Intercultural management and mediation services :

  • Intercultural mediation and trainings for government`s or organization’s employees working in immigrations or refuges related departments. (usually commissioned by governments or city councils).
  • Intercultural trainings for Middle Eastern and African immigrants to Europe in subjects related to the correct conducts, behavior according to the Western and European cultural norms and ethics.(usually commissioned by governments or city councils).

Corporate ID style management services:

Your corporate Identity is the backbone of your communication and marketing strategy. Therefore, it is wise to leave in in the hands of professionals .

The ideal corporate style clearly and rapidly explains the core business of your company without the need of additional text. It is very important to determine some rules concerning your corporate style. In all your advertisements and public communications, uniformity has the highest priority. In this way, the name of your company, the logo and your company colors will be easily recognized by the general public.

Koudsi™  offers you a professional corporate style book that not only tells which colors, fonts and forms a producer is allowed to use, but also which techniques of production. Different methods may cause a variation in colour, which endangers uniformity.

In order to develop your desired corporate style, not only common sense, but also expertise and experience is required. If you choose for Koudsi™  to be the developer of your corporate style, you select professionals who work carefully and efficiently with your budget and image.

Production of advertising visuals:

Koudsi™ offers you the production of everything that is related to your corporate ID style. Koudsi not only designs, maintains and advises on advertising materials and tools, but takes care of the production and execution as well.

Koudsi™ can help you for example with:

  • Brochures, leaflets, and posters.
  • Indoor and outdoor full color posters, ranging from small sizes (A5) up to extremely large (25 m2, printed on both sides and in one seamless piece, weatherproof and wind resistant). On various materials, e.g. vinyl, pvc-fabric, and canvas.
  • Banners, flags and flag masts with accessories.
  • Neon-, light-, and facade signs and window lettering.
  • Fleet marketing, Company car and truck lettering. Billboards.
  • Presentation systems, e.g. sidewalk and broker’s signs.
  • Stands and exhibitions interieurs.
  • Indoor and outdoor signage.
  • Company Name Signs.
  • Engraving.

Some of the abovementioned products are standard in our inventory for The Benelux and German market If you have questions about customized advertising visuals or special products, please do not hesitate to contact us: Contact