Koudsi Internet Services

Koudsi™ Internet Services

 Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • Is my website designed by an IT-specialist?
  • Is my database developed and maintained by a graphic designer?

More than 50% of the requests for help and advice that we receive concerns solving problems caused by non-specialists. It is better not to present your company at all than to show it to the public in a very bad fashion. The Internet is an important marketing tool to buy and sell and also to present your corporate identity. 

Koudsi™ ensures that your company is presented optimally on the Internet. Also in this case, clearness is an important key. 

Domain registration:

  •  Rapid (real-time), safe and low costs for domain registration in almost all extensions.
  • Legal ownership of your domain.
  • Long term security of your domain’s name.

Web hosting:

  • Professional business hosting services.
  • Hosting with permanent maintenance and advanced servers that are connected to the backbone of the European Internet.
  • Safe server connection with the capability of handling huge amount of data traffic.
  • Safe connection to your email and the possibility to create your own passwords and user names.
  • The possibility to start with a small account and expand this later on to a professional, broad business account.
  • Real-time expanding possibilities to quickly respond to market developments.Professionele business hosting services.

Web design:

  •  Clear, functional and easy to use websites, that are simple to maintain and compatible with main web browsers, and that have many publishing possibilities.
  •  Easy management of your company news and the contents of your website.
  • Rapid implementation of desired changes in the static parts of the website.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) for adding, deleting or changing products, news, pictures or other information.
  • With us your website is always up to date and you are able to respond quickly on day-to-day market changes. You do not need any expertise in programming to use CMS, and therefore, you are in full control of the contents of your website.

In short, Koudsi™ arranges everything for you concerning domain registration, hosting and web design.